As a Los Angeles PR Company, Feature Public Relations has helped our clients around the world to get earned media placement with the biggest publications  and broadcasters for years. Our mix of relationships, modern tools and story-development helps us to be successful with the hottest new startups and established brands around the world. We specialize in serving technology companies, and have had great success helping clients in health/wellness, consumer products, entertainment and sports, and other industries as well.


Feature Public Relations has the tools to help boost your search rankings and make it easier for potential customers to find you. We work hard to generate carefully placed keyword-rich articles and backlinks and can also provide keyword research and evaluation to ensure you’re hitting the mark. We can also help to index your site and manage effective Adwords campaigns.


Feature Public Relations helped brands and event managers to generate media coverage and confirm speaking opportunities. We also help event managers to put on groundbreaking events, from concept creation and brand strategy audits to finding great speakers and acts, and of course, managing press activity and VIP’s onsite during the event.


We provide our corporate clients with strategic advice and messaging to support various types of stakeholder communications, whether they be employees, investors, partners, customers or analysts.


Though we specialize in public relations, we have deep expertise in B2B and B2C sales, channels and marketing and can help our clients on an a la carte basis to re-generate strategies in each of these critical areas.


In business, there are times when it helps to have help to respond to delicate situations. We help our clients to handle these situations with urgency and intelligence, whether to prepare statements, briefings or get word out to the media quickly, we will be there for you.

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